f. uvula, small, fleshy structure hanging in the middle of the posterior border of the soft palate;
___ hundidacleft ___;
___ vesicalvesical ___.
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Ejemplos ?
A linguolabial trill is not known to be used phonemically, but occurs when blowing a raspberry. Snoring typically consists of vibration of the uvula and the soft palate (velum).
It may also occur as an allophone of another uvular consonant - in Kazakh, the voiced uvular plosive is an allophone of the voiced uvular fricative after the velar nasal. The voiceless uvular fricative is similar to the voiceless velar fricative, except that it is articulated near the uvula.
El mismo grado de identidad lo encontramos en la palabra latina uva, que indicaba por igual la fruta que el órgano situado en la garganta que ha quedado en el lenguaje anatómico en forma diminutiva, uvula (úvula).
It is pronounced somewhat like the voiceless velar plosive, but with the middle of the tongue further back on the velum, against or near the uvula.