f. miss, young lady;
abr. Miss.
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Ejemplos ?
Bitter Heritage (1979) "Death Valley Days" (serie, 1966-1968) Compadece al delincuente (1960) "The Texan" (serie, 1960) "Frontier Doctor" (serie, 1959) The Broken Star (1956) Red Sundown (1956) Jesse James' Women (1954) "The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse" (serie, 1954) "City Detective" (serie, 1954) "I Love Lucy" (serie, 1952) Savage Drums (1951) Bomba on Panther Island (1949) Border Incident (1949) Jungle Jim (1948) Samba-Mania (1948) Champagne for Two (1947) That's My Gal (1947) Don Ricardo Returns (1946) High School Hero (1946) Slightly Scandalous (1946) Club Havana (1945) The Gay Senorita (1945) Pan-Americana (1945) en Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen.
Broadway Melody of 1936 (1935) Captain January (1936) Born to Dance (Nacida para la danza) (1936) Banjo on My Knee (1936) Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937) The Girl of the Golden West (Ciudad de oro) (1938) Yellow Jack (1938) My Lucky Star (1938) Four Girls in White (1939) The Kid from Texas (1939) Hollywood Hobbies (1939) (corto) They Met in Argentina (1941) Parachute Battalion (1941) Sing Your Worries Away (1942) Under Mexicali Stars (1950) Silver City Bonanza (1951) Thunder in God's Country (1951) Rodeo King and the Senorita (1951) Utah Wagon Train (1951) Night People (Decisión a medianoche) (1954) Red Garters (1954) Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier (1954) Davy Crockett and the River Pirates (1956) Attack!
Dix Harwood afirmó que el escritorio de la sociedad, y la mujer que lo dirige, era no menos importante: Los temas principales eran "Miss Emily Bissell as a Turkish Girl", Chicago Tribune, "Maryland Society Belle Was Fair Senorita at Ball," Los reporteros hombres no estaban dispuestos a cubrir esos eventos.
The Flame (1947) Nightmare Alley (1947) The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival (1947) Girl on the Spot (1946) Senorita from the West (1945) Duffy's Tavern (1945) Beware of Redheads (1945) The Cheaters (1945) On Stage Everybody (1945) The Naughty Nineties (1945) Diamond Horseshoe (1945) Hollywood and Vine (1945) Having Wonderful Crime (1945) Identity Unknown (1945) I'll Remember April (1945) The Affairs of Susan (1945) See My Lawyer (1945) Frisco Sal (1945) Roughly Speaking (1945) The Man in Half Moon Street (1945) Here Come the Waves (1944) Laura (1944) The Merry Monahans (1944) Ghost Catchers (1944) Ladies of Washington (1944) El Señor Skeffington (1944) Follow the Boys (1944) Shine on Harvest Moon (1944) Phantom Lady (1944) Henry Aldrich...
Star OST (4 tracks) My Secret Garden OST (1 track) 100%Senorita OST (1 track) Tian Xia Di Yi OST (2 tracks) Qing Shi Huang Fei OST (1 track) A-mei - saya (1997) Kang Chin Chung - Run Away (2000) Somebody / 100%Senorita OST (2003) Xing Fu De Di Tu / Elva Hsiao / 100%Senorita OST (2003) Ni Hao Jiu Hai, Na Shi Hou, Jian Shang Qing Ting, Ni Di Di Yi with Rosamund Kwan / Start vol.1 album (2004) Da Sha with Miriam Yeung E-Wap (2000) Wrigley's Gum (2000) Mitsubishi Virage IO (2003) Timberland (2003) Matrix (2003) Siemens CX65 (2004) Formosa Shades (2005)
New crime city (1993) La muerte y la doncella (2015) Un Teatro por hacer (2015) En Vitrina (2015) Razones para ser bonita (2013) De Repente el Verano Pasado (2013) como Catherin Holly La Extravagancia (2012) como las tres hermanas Maria Axila, Maria Socorro y Maria Brujas. Amores de un Siglo: La Senorita Julia (2009) como Julia.
Durante el periodo del Senorita Panamá, Panamá alcanzó lograr su más alto logró internacional como en Miss Universo con Justine Pasek.
CUTIE CHASER / CLUB SPICE DROP THE BOMB / Scotty D. La Senorita Virtual / 2MB Remix de La Senorita / CAPTAIN.T. Versión casera de Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX Midnite Blaze / U1 Jewel style ORION.78 (civilization mix) / 2MB Remix de ORION.78 AM-euroMIX / RE-VENGE (NAOKI) Versión casera de Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX ON THE JAZZ / Jonny Dynamite!
Roy Rogers Hands Across the Border (1944).... Roy Rogers Cowboy and the Senorita (1944).... Roy Rogers The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944)....
Después de dicho drama, filmó otros como 100% Senorita, Secret Garden I, Great Teacher, Pretty Girl y Westside Story with 5566, todos ellos en un año.
/ Everything's Alright: C: Sugar and Spice / Archie's Party / You Make Me Wanna Dance / Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.) / Rock & Roll Music: D: Bang-Shang-A-Lang / Boys and Girls / Senorita Rita / Seventeen Ain't Young / Waldo P.
Emerson Jones "Bang-Shang-a-Lang" / "Truck Driver" (1968) "Feelin' so Good (S.k.o.o.b.y-D.o.o.)" / "Love Light" (1968) "Sugar, Sugar" / "Melody Hill" (1969) "Jingle Jangle" / "Justine" (1969) "Who's Your Baby?" / "Senorita Rita" (1970) "Sunshine" / "Over and Over" (1970) "Together We Are Two" / "Everything's Alright" (1971) "This Is Love" / "Throw a Little Love My Way" (1971) "A Summer Prayer for Peace" / "Maybe I'm Wrong" (1971) "Love Is Living In You" / "Hold on to Lovin'" (1971) "Strangers in the Morning" / "Plum Crazy" (1972) Archies Archies