f. ranula, cystic tumor under the tongue caused by an obstruction of a gland duct.
Ejemplos ?
A ranula below the mylohyoid muscle is referred to as a "plunging or cervical ranula", and produces swelling of the neck with or without swelling in the floor of the mouth.
Cierto malestar y dolor puede estar asociado a estas ránulas de gran tamaño.!-- An oral ranula is a fluctuant swelling with a bluish translucent color that somewhat resembles the underbelly of a frog Rana.
Though normally above the mylohyoid muscle, if a ranula is found deeper in the floor of the mouth, it can appear to have a normal color.
aconitifolius: epíteto latino que significa "con las hojas de Aconitum ".;Sinonimia: Hecatonia aconitifolia Schur Hecatonia platanifolia Schur Ranula aconitifolia Fourr.
Ranula platanifolia Fourr. Ranunculus caballeroi Losa & P.Monts. Ranunculus giganteus Lapeyr. Ranunculus heterophyllus Lapeyr., nom.