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f. ingestion, the amount of liquids and substances taken into the body by mouth or parenterally;
___ calóricacaloric ___.
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Además son reactores comparativamente hablando más seguros que sus predecesores con válvulas. Es poco probable que sufran daños por ingestion de partículas sólidas o fluidos.
La recuperación depende en parte de los mecanismos inmunitarios del paciente.!---- en traducción Human infection is usually be inhalation or ingestion of aerosol particles or by tick bite.
Chang JM, Hwang SJ, Kuo HT, et al. (2000). "Fatal outcome after ingestion of star fruit (Averrhoa carambola) in uremic patients". Am J Kidney Dis 35 (2): 189–93.
A.; del Pozo, M. D. (1995). Recurrent anaphylaxis due to ingestion and contact with Anisakis simplex parasitizing Sea-fish. J. Allergy.
The most popular and well documented method of ingestion requires the flowers, leaves and roots to be dried, crushed and mixed into a blend of other hallucinogenic herbs, which is then smoked Knab, T.
Glucose hydrogen breath test for bacterial overgrowth D-xylose absorption test. lower level in urine after ingestion indicates bacterial overgrowth or reduced absorptive surface.
Lin, David Burke, and Hugh Bostock (2005) "Acute Tetrodotoxin-induced Neurotoxicity after Ingestion of Puffer Fish." Annals of Neurology, 57 (3): 339–48.
Organismos superiores, por ejemplo, ingestion de vertebrados con sus toxinas como pescados en descomposición (histamina, escombrotoxinas y otros), mordeduras de mamíferos, etc...
J Pediat 73:531-539, 1968 Angle CR and McIntire MS: Persistent dystonia in a brain damaged child after ingestion of phenothiazine.
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The inhibitory effects on monoamine oxidase allows dimethyltryptamine (DMT), the psychologically prominent chemical in the mixture, to bypass the extensive first-pass metabolism it undergoes upon ingestion; allowing a psychologically active quantity of the chemical to exist in the brain for a perceivable period of time.
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