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He also composed glosses on forty hymns of the Rig Veda and wrote a treaties Bhagavata-tatparya highlighting the essential teachings of the puranas.
Public Interest Litigation: Although the proceedings in the Supreme Court arise out of the judgments or orders made by the Subordinate Courts, of late the Supreme Court has started entertaining matters in which interest of the public at large is involved, and the Court may be moved by any individual or group of persons either by filing a Writ Petition at the Filing Counter of the Court, or by addressing a letter to Hon'ble The Chief Justice of India highlighting the question of public importance for invoking this jurisdiction.
On February 2, 2007, The Guardian stated that Kenneth Green, a Visiting Scholar with AEI, had sent letters to scientists in the UK and the U.S., offering US$10,000 plus travel expenses and other incidental payments in return for essays with the purpose of "highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the IPCC process," specifically regarding the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.
Algunas de las funciones pioneras de BlueJ en entornos modernos de desarrollo son: interactive instantiation, interacción directa con objetos, grabado de unidades de prueba, visión de navegación del editor, y scope highlighting.
For more than twenty years, the science fiction genre has risen to the forefront of popular culture, highlighting themes such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and computer gaming.
Ésta versión proporciona funciones mejoradas del editor tales como completado de código o destacamiento de alcance (scope highlighting).
The garden is closed to the public and rented for weddings by appointment. Wetland Garden, A collection highlighting wetland environments.
Sylva sirvió como conductor de tanques para el ejército de los Estados Unidos durante la Guerra de Corea. Article highlighting Mr.
even those that went against his original notation in the score", highlighting not only Shostakovich's character, but Shafran's confidence in his own musical vision.
Malden, MA; Oxford, UK; Carlton, Victoria, Australia: Blackwell (2005) (The Great Theologians. A comprehensive series devoted to highlighting the major theologians of different periods), pp.
— The history of CIA/IAD's paramilitary operations in Indonesia in the 1950s, detailing the activities of IAD's Ground Air and Maritime Branches, and highlighting the roles of legendary PMCOs Tom Fosmire, Anthony Posephny ("Tony Poe"), Jim Glerum and others.
Lindstrand A, Bergtröm S, Rosling H, Rubensson B, Stenson B, Tylleskär T (2006). talk at the 2006 TED Conference in Monterey, CA highlighting novel ways of presenting global statistics.