f. extrusion, expulsion.
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Los fabricantes de extrusores de doble husillo más importantes en Europa son: Berstorff Coperion Leistritz Group Krauss-Maffei Clextral Theysohn EKS MAS J.L. White: Twin Screw Extrusion.
Techniques have been designed to maintain the general shape of the workpiece during work hardening, including shot peening and equal channel angular extrusion.
A cranial burst skull fracture usually occurring with severe injuries in infants less than 1 year of age is a closed, diastatic skull fracture with cerebral extrusion beyond the outer table of the skull under the intact scalp.
If the cooling has been so rapid as to prevent the formation of even small crystals after extrusion, the resulting rock may be mostly glass (such as the rock obsidian).
archivo:Aluminium extrusion die back.png Back side of die. The wall thickness of the extrusion is. La extrusión fría se realiza a alrededor de la temperatura ambiente.
PMID 707920. Guy, Robin (2001). Extrusion Cooking: Technologies and Applications. Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing. pp. 111-116. Pérdida de lisina, un aminoácido esencial necesario para el crecimiento y el metabolismo del nitrógeno.
For reference, the die is in diameter. archivo:Aluminium extrusion die closeup.png Close up of the shape cut into the die. Notice that the walls are drafted and that the back wall thickness varies.
Beaufrand MJ, de la Guérivière JF, Monnier C, Poullain B.. "Effect of the extrusion process on the availability of proteins (Abstract)".
Por ejemplo, en algunos aceros se vuelve más económico si se producen más de 20.000 kg (50.000 lb). archivo:Aluminium extrusion die front.png Front side of a four family die.
James L. Throne, (2004), Thermoplastic foam extrusion: an Introduction, Hanser Verlag, pág. 13 Otro agente espumante corriente es bicarbonato sódico que al ser calentado produce dióxido de carbono y vapor de agua.