f. expulsion;
___ de la placenta___ of the placenta;
___ del recién nacido___ of the infant.
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198. «impulsore Chresto probably refers to "Chrestus" having prompted Claudius' expulsion, not the Jews' disturbances» e Ian E. Rock (2010).
Pero sobre todo es conocido como autor de un Dialogo de Consuelo por la Expulsion de los Moriscos de España (Pamplona, 1613) en que intentó contemporizar y calmar los ánimos agitados por tan polémica medida.
El autor muestra una gran cultura humanística y su postura ante los moriscos se distancia de la de los eclesiásticos, cuyo odio no tiene límites, para construir un discurso tranquilizador, el único que contrasta ambos puntos de vista en la época. Dialogo de Consuelo por la Expulsion de los Moriscos de España (Pamplona, 1613).
La posterior expulsion del líder nacionalista serbio comunista Aleksandar Ranković por parte de Tito en los 60 se percibió como un ataque al nacionalismo serbio.
Years later, Hughes said, "I did not leave the Labor Party, The party left me." The timing of Hughes' expulsion from the Labor Party meant that he became the first Labor leader who never led the party to an election.
They claim that they are descended only from Adam. The strongest punishment is expulsion, which is also effectively excommunication because the soul of the exiled is forfeit.
Jules Goury, and in 1834 and 1837 by Owen Jones…with a complete translation of the Arabic inscriptions and an historical notice of the kings of Granada from the conquest of that city by the Arabs to the expulsion of the Moors, by Mr.
Trotskyism Versus Stalinism (1987) ISBN 0-929087-20-8 The USSR And Socialism: The Trotskyist Perspective (1989) ISBN 0-929087-45-3 Ten Years After The Split In The Workers Revolutionary Party: The WRP's Commemoration Of Healy's Expulsion (1995) ISBN 1-873045-02-6 In Defense of the Russian Revolution...
Leonid Smilovitsky, 'Ilya Ehrenburg on the Holocaust of the Jews in Belorussia: Unknown Evidence', East European Jewish Affairs Hans Safrian, 'Expediting Expropriation and Expulsion: The Impact of the “Vienna Model” on Anti-Jewish Policies in Nazi Germany, 1938', Holocaust Genocide Studies (Oxford), vol.
Cambridge Harvard University Press, 2001. Prauser, Steffen and Rees, Arfon: The Expulsion of the "German" Communities at the End of the Second World War.
MacDonald's expulsion from Labour along with his National Labour Party's coalition with the Conservatives, combined with the decline in his mental powers after 1931, left him a discredited figure at the time of his death and receiving unsympathetic treatment from generations of Labour-inclined British historians.
In 1916, he was expelled from the Moray Golf Club in Lossiemouth for supposedly bringing the club into disrepute because of his pacifist views. The manner of his expulsion was regretted by some members but an attempt to re-instate him by a vote in 1924 failed.