Ejemplos ?
Electa was absorbed by Mondadori during this period and from April 2002, Arnoldo Mondadori Editore has been publishing the magazine.
He wrote his five-volume History of the Greek Nation between 1860 and 1874 and, since then, his ideas have been promulgated in every conceivable way: incorporated into other texts, repeated by thousands of lecturers, memorised by generations of students and eventually absorbed by the nation, which gradually saw itself in the image conceived by Paparrigopoulos.
He noticed from his equations that eastward-traveling waves (known as Rossby waves since their discovery in 1939 by Carl-Gustav Rossby) and westward-traveling waves (which Lindzen himself helped in establishing as "atmospheric Kelvin waves") with periods less than five days were "vertically trapped." At the same time, an important paper by Booker and Bretherton (1967) appeared, which Lindzen read with great interest. Booker and Bretherton showed that vertically propagating gravity waves were completely absorbed at a critical level.
Although most tropical cyclones that become extratropical quickly dissipate or are absorbed by another weather system, they can still retain winds of hurricane or gale force.
The long-chain menaquinones are absorbed in the same way as vitamin K 1 and MK-4, but are efficiently redistributed by the liver in predominantly LDL (VLDL).
Leona Marshall Libby, who was present that day, recalled The Uranium People, Crane, Rusak & Co., 1979 that the term was coined by Volney Wilson: T he safety rods were coated with cadmium foil, and this metal absorbed so many neutrons that the chain reaction was stopped.
By exploring human gene databases, a human homologue of the mouse gene was identified. This explained why dietary sterols, which are structurally similar to cholesterol, are not absorbed in normal individuals.
This research underlined that the requirement for K vitamins may be higher than the current recommendation, which was set in accordance only with coagulation needs. Vitamin K is absorbed along with dietary fat from the small intestine and transported by chylomicrons in the circulation.
In the 1990s, 35% came from fats and oils, and just 30% from vegetables. Moreover, it was shown that all K vitamins are absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract in the small intestine.
In most cases, however, the heartworm dies shortly after arriving in the human lung, and a nodule, known as a granuloma, forms around the dead worm as it is being killed and absorbed.
La eficiencia de un dispositivo termoeléctrico para generar electricidad se da por eta, definida como eta = text energy provided to the load over text heat energy absorbed at hot junction, y eta_ max = T_H - T_C over T_H sqrt 1+Z bar T-1 over sqrt 1+Z bar T + T_C over T_H donde T H es la temperatura de la unión caliente y T C es la temperatura de la superficie que se enfría.
and later merged with the post-urban Harappans during the late Harappans Jhukar phase; the Swat IV that co-founded the Harappan Cemetery H phase in Punjab and the Rigvedic Indo-Aryans of Swat V that later absorbed the Cemetery H people and gave rise to the Painted Grey Ware culture.