Malaysia Occidental

(redireccionado de West Malaysia)

Malaysia Occidental (West Malaysia)

Territorio peninsular de Malaysia, en el S de la península de Malaca; 131 587 km 2 y 11 138 227 h. Lo constituyen el territorio federal de Kuala Lumpur y 11 estados. Cap., Kuala Lumpur.
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The RAF started periodic fighter patrols along the border using aircraft such as Javelin and RN Sea Vixens from the fleet carrier in theatre. UK already had 12 Light Air Defence Regiment Royal Artillery (12 Lt AD Regt) stationed in West Malaysia.
However, in the last three months of the year the number of cross border incursions in Borneo dropped significantly. In 1964 Indonesian operations, mostly based in Sumatra, were launched against West Malaysia (the Malayan peninsula).
nebularis - Vogel, David & Pauwels (2004). Comúnmente llamada the Cameron Highlands pit viper y se encuentra en West Malaysia (Cameron Highlands).
There were also terrorist attacks in Singapore. These attacks on West Malaysia led UK to planning offensive air and sea operations against Indonesia.