SAIDSistema Administrativo Integrado Descentralizado.
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"Transcurrían los días; únicamente cuando entraron a Port-Said, el capitán de La Nuit, Piontevil, reparó que la mar estaba excesivamente picada.
Primer Ministro, Ministro de Finanzas, Defensa y Servicio Público—Said Musa Representante del Gobierno de Belice—Assad Shoman Ministro de Desarrollo Económico...
Allí se lee el pareado debido al poeta Alejandro Pope (que tradujo la Iliada al inglés en heroicos yámbicos pentámetros) y que dice: Nature and Nature's laws lay hid in night: God said, Let Newton be !'— and all was light.
He had, however, some courage in him, and said to his father, "Father, I must and will go out into the world." "That's right, my son," said the old man, and took a long darning-needle and made a knob of sealing-wax on it at the candle, "and there is a sword for thee to take with thee on the way." Then the little tailor wanted to have one more meal with them, and hopped into the kitchen to see what his lady mother had cooked for the last time.
After this the master of the house came into the cow-byre and said, "That cow shall be killed to-morrow." Then Thumbling was so alarmed that he cried out in a clear voice, "Let me out first, for I am shut up inside her." The master heard that quite well, but did not know from whence the voice came.
HAYES, President of the United States of America, to all to whom these presents may come, greeting: Whereas, pursuant to the fourth article of the treaty of limits between the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Paraguay, of the 3d of February, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six, it was stipulated that ownership in or right to the territory between the river Verde and the principal arm of Pilcomayo River, including the city of Villa Occidental, should be submitted to the definite decision of an arbitration; And whereas, by the fifth article of the same instrument, the two high contracting parties agreed to elect the President of the United States of American as umpire to decide as to the right to possess the said above-described territory...
Balbuceó: "-Hace como diez años que no funciona esa ancla, capitán. "Piontevil no le escuchaba, mirando el mediodía de Port-Said y sus confines de espuma agitada.
Hayes, President of the United States of America, having duly considered the said statements and the said exhibits, do hereby determine that the said Republic of Paraguay is legally and justly entitled to the said territory between the Pilcomayo and the Verde Rivers, and to the Villa Occidental, situated therein, and I, therefore, do hereby award to the said Republic of Paraguay the territory on the western bank of the river of that name, between Rio Verde and the main branch of the Pilcomayo, including Villa Occidental.
"Mistress, if you give us no better food," said Thumbling, "I will go away, and early to-morrow morning I will write with chalk on the door of your house, 'Too many potatoes, too little meat!
The maids, however, could not endure him, for he saw all they did secretly, without their seeing him, and he told their master and mistress what they had taken off the plates, and carried away out of the cellar, for themselves. Then said they, "Wait, and we will pay thee off!" and arranged with each other to play him a trick.
It was, however, just dished up, and the dish stood on the hearth. Then he said, "Mother, what is there to eat to-day?" "See for thyself," said his mother.
He was therefore about to get in at once, but one of the two sentries who stood before the door, observed him, and said to the other, "What an ugly spider is creeping there; I will kill it." "Let the poor creature alone," said the other; "it has done thee no harm." Then Thumbling got safely through the crevice into the treasure-chamber, opened the window beneath which the robbers were standing, and threw out to them one thaler after another.