ISInternacional Situacionista
ISInternacional Socialista
ISIzquierda Socialista
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A los autores mediocres que anuncian un pequeño libro como si fueran a exhibir un gran gigante les debería obligar la policía literaria a imprimir en sus productos el lema: This is the greatest elephant in the world, except himself.
Zie, de maan schijnt door de boomen, :Makkers! staakt uw wild geraas; :'t Heerlijk avendje is gekomen, :'t Avendje van Sint-Niclaas!
Así nos lo enseñaron los sabios. :One thing, they say, is obtained from real knowledge; another, they say, from what is not knowledge.
All who worship what is not real knowledge (good works), enter into blind darkness: those who delight in real knowledge, enter, as it were, into greater darkness.
O Pûshan, only seer, Yama (judge), Sûrya (Sun), son of Prajâpati, spread thy rays and gather them! The light which is thy fairest form, I see it.
I am what He is (viz. the person in the Sun). 17. ¡Aliento al aire, y al inmortal!. Entonces, mi cuerpo acaba en las cenizas. ¡Om!
The Sub-Committee of the Security Council charged with the investigation found unanimously: "(a) In origin, nature, structure and general conduct, the Franco regime is a fascist regime patterned on, and established largely as a result of aid received from, Hitler's Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Fascist Italy." "(b) During the long struggle of the United Nations against Hitler and Mussolini, Franco, despite continued Allied protests, gave very substantial aid to the enemy Powers.
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The General Assembly, Further, desiring to secure the participation of all peace-loving peoples, including the people of Spain, in the community of nations, Recommends that if, within a reasonable time, there is not established a government which derives its authority from the consent of the governed, committed to respect freedom of speech, religion and assembly and to the prompt holding of an election in which the Spanish people, free from force and intimidation and regardless of party, may express their will, the Security Council consider the adequate measures to be taken in order to remedy the situation; Recommends that all Members of the United Nations immediately recall from Madrid their Ambassadors and Ministers plenipotentiary accredited there.
Está dentro de todo, y está fuera de todo. :It stirs and it stirs not; it is far, and likewise near 1. It is inside of all this, and it is outside of all this.
¡No codicies la riqueza de ningún hombre! :All this, whatsoever moves on earth, is to be hidden in the Lord (the Self). When thou hast surrendered all this, then thou mayest enjoy.