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But still he could not get away, there was nothing for it but to let himself be thrust into a black-pudding with the bits of bacon.
He was therefore about to get in at once, but one of the two sentries who stood before the door, observed him, and said to the other, "What an ugly spider is creeping there; I will kill it." "Let the poor creature alone," said the other; "it has done thee no harm." Then Thumbling got safely through the crevice into the treasure-chamber, opened the window beneath which the robbers were standing, and threw out to them one thaler after another.
She took up the thimble, and wanted to get hold of him, but little Thumbling hopped into the cloth, and while the mistress was opening it out and looking for him, he got into a crevice in the table.
"But why did the fox get the poor chickens to eat?" "Oh, you goose, your father would surely love his child far more than the fowls in the yard!"
Popularizó frases como "The buck stops here" e "If you can't stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen" ("Si no puedes soportar el calor, es mejor salir de la cocina").