Ejemplos ?
The liturgy may begin on Sundays with the Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling Holy Water, in which holy water is sprinkled upon the congregation; this is called aspersion, from the Latin, to sprinkle.
No obstante, según el texto del Ramaiana de Valmiki, Rama ni aun así aceptó la inocencia de Sita, y la Tierra, indignada de que trataran así a su hija, abrió sus fauces y se la tragó.!-- During Rama's period of rule, an intemperate washerman, while berating his wayward wife, declared that he was "no pusillanimous Rama who would take his wife back after she had lived in the house of another man". This calumnious statement was reported back to Rama, who knew that the aspersion cast on Sita was entirely baseless.